I help couples create an intentional wedding day that lets them escape the hustle of everyday life, slow down and feel at ease as they celebrate their love surrounded by the people they love and places they'll fall in love with.

So take a deep breath, be present in every moment, and let me capture ALL THE FEELINGS...


I totally get you!

Hey, this is me, Gina,

my heart beats for my soulmate Tobi, our beautiful baby boy, my loved ones, coffee & traveling.

Discovering new places and the feeling of freedom while exploring stunning landscapes is such a big part of what brings me joy. Whenever I'm surrounded by nature I feel a sense of calm and as if time was finally slowing down.

I'm a very positive and cheerful human being. When nobody is watching Iove singing and dancing through our flat.

Grew up in Berlin, lived in London for 1.5 years until the end of 2018 and living in Berlin again ever since.

I love to actively create highlight moments in my life and being able to capture those for other people is what make me love my job so much.

Planning a day that is supposed to be such an important highlight in your lives can feel like a lot of pressure.

I’m here to create the perfect stress-free wedding day experience with you!

Let’s put our heads together and dream about your visions and then bring them to life! I’ll help you find the best locations, the routes, the what-do-tos and on the day itself I’ll make sure you’ve got those unforgettable moments and feelings captured for decades to come.


How to bring your wedding day visions to life





fill out the contact form

HAve an unforgettable wedding day

You receive example time lines

Pack your bags

And let’s hop on a video call so you tell me all about your wild ideas and wishes for your wedding day. Together we start creating a rough idea.

You get to experience your incredible stress-free wedding day adventure and I’ll get to capture all the feelings, tears and happy giggles.

I’ll start putting together a few more precise example itineraries for different locations for you to choose from so we get even closer to intentionally creating the perfect day for you.

It’s time to start booking and soon you’ll be packing your bags already.

Let's create your wedding adventure

Travel dates 2023/2024

03.-08. July '24



I'll pack my bags and travel to these places. If you book me there during those travel dates, you won't have to pay travel fees.

02.-15. September '24




Dearest Gina, after having looked at the photos about 20 times (okay probably I did that even more often), we want to tell you again how amazing your work is. The are barely word to describe how happy we are with the photos! Also during the day you were so patient with us, spontaneous, uncomplicated and most of all pleasant and relaxed. Even though we actually don’t like to be photographed at all, thanks to you there wasn’t a single moment we felt uncomfortable. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you enhanced our wedding day and gave us the probably most beautiful gift with those photos with which in 50 years we’ll be able to feel the love of that day and will probably head another tear remembering that day. <3



Gina photographed our wedding and we’re still thrilled about it - not just because of the beautiful photos but also her empathetic and pleasant nature that made us feel very comfortable. Also her professional manner from start to beginning. In the beginning she took a lot of time to get to know us and to learn about our ideas and wishes.
This made us feel at ease at all times and to also feel very comfortable during the couple session. Our guests were also delighted how unobtrusive Gina worked but still managed to capture all of the important moments. We can highly recommend Gina and her great work and want to say thanks again for these wonderful memories!

Need some more help imagining such an alternative wedding day?

Check out the resources I've put together.


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