Terms and conditions

I. Booking
By accepting the contract the booking between the client and the photographer Gina Walkowiak (contractor) is binding.
After the conclusion of the contract, a deposit of 400€ is due within 14 days after accepting the contract. The rest of the payment is due within 14 days after the wedding.

II. Editing
The client has informed himself or herself in advance about the style of the photographer. The edited photographs will be send to the client in an online gallery within 6-8 weeks after the wedding and 3-4 weeks for all other events/shootings.

III. Publishing
The client receives all of the publishing rights for personal use.
The copying and passing on to third parties is allowed for personal use. A commercial use and commercial passing on to third parties is not permitted. Property rights don't get transfered.

Optional: For me, the photographer, it is important to show weddings and couple shootings so other couples can make themselves sure about the quality and creativity of my work. If the clients allows me to publish the pictures of their wedding/event, they'll get a discount of 200€ for their booking in return.
The acceptance or rejection of that discount will be documented in the contract.
By accepting the discount the client permits the publishing for self-marketing purposes such as Instagram, my website or magazines. I'm also allowed to pass photos on to third parties for the sake of self-promotion.
The client himself agrees to this publishing and guarentees that he has the approval of his guests for a publishing, copying and passing on of the images. In case of compensation claims due to a non-existence of this approval, the contractor is released from all liabilities.

IV. Archiving of images
The images will be archived for one year. Only within this period, images can be ordered.
In an act of god or technical failures, the contractor is released from all liabilities.

V. Other
1. If the wedding/event/shooting can't take place due to an act of god (such as for example illness, accident etc.), the contractor waives the agreed payment.
If the contractor (photographer) can't perform the assignment due to an act of god (such as for example illness, accident etc.), the photographer will organize a replacement. In case this isn't possible, the client receives his deposit back.
2. If the date of the assignment gets cancelled by the client, the deposit is kept by the contractor.

In order to manage my clients orders, I use the platform https://app.kreativ.management/.
This allowes me to organizes my client's master data, to create to-do-lists, to manage a mail inbox and to create invoices and contracts. This service is offered by Hochzeit.Management GmbH with whom I've got a contract for usage and an order management contract.

VI. Covid
If the date of the assignment gets postponed by the client, the deposit is kept by the contractor. If the new date for the wedding/event doesn't work for the photographer, the deposit is kept by the contractor. As dates are usually being enquired by more than one couple, it is very likely that I had to deny other couples as I had that date saved for you. Another couple that enquired your original date might still celebrate their wedding and this way I miss out on that payment.

VII. Liability
1. For defects caused by untrue or imprecise information from the client, the contractor is released from all liabilities.
2. In case of faultiness the client has a right to claim an improvement done by the photographer. If an improvement is impossible or if the photographer rejects it, the client has a right of reduction of the price. There is no liability for irrelevant defects. A colour difference in case or reordering photographs is an irrelevant defect.

VIII. Legal effectiveness, charter, place of jurisdiction
1. The laws of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland apply, even for deliveries and orders abroad.
2. Additional agreements for the contract or these terms and conditions have to be added in text form.
3. In the case that the client's place of jurisdiction is not in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland or if the client moves abroad after having agreed to the contract, the place of jurisdiction of the photographer is agreed upon.

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