Wedding at the city hall in Pankow, Berlin

One of the most beautiful city halls in Berlin is the city hall in Pankow (Rathaus Pankow). C&C said 'yes' to each other on a Friday in August, had their wedding at the city hall in Pankow, and afterwards celebrated with their loved ones in their own backyard. The two of them decided on having a first look right just around the corner of the city hall in Pankow. A 'first look' is a fancy name for the couple seeing each other for the first time before their wedding. Instead of meeting for the first time after one has walked down the aisle. For a lot of couples this is a very intimate and precious moment and they'd rather want to have it to themselves and not in front of the guests.

I love it when couples have the opportunity to have the reception at their own place. These weddings are always very personal and homey.
To offer great coffee to their guests they decided on hiring a coffee bike and a barista.

We did the couple session at the Botanischer Volkspark Pankow as there are a lot of ideal photo spots. Also a beautiful green house to take photos in.

You loved looking at the photos of these two and their wedding at the city hall in Pankow and would like to chat about your own wedding plans? Drop me a message here and I'll get back to you asap.

Coffee: Coffee-Bike Berlin
Cake: tigertörtchen

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